After Hours Electrician Sydney: Getting a Confirmed Booking

by superadmin on July 12, 2017 in Blog

Do you need an after hours electrician because you want minimal interruptions to your business? Or maybe you just need something checked this weekend or evening?

A 24-hour electrician will work around your schedule. You can set a convenient appointment for you, your business or your family. This way, you’re in control and you can ask the electrician about certain concerns.

Weekend electrician

Whether it’s electrical installation for your new or renovated property, a weekend electrician might be able to do all that before the workweek comes.

You might also need new outlets installed for a room. A professional electrician can do that in a day. Do you need a new exhaust fan installed in your bathroom? An electrical technician can do it in a few hours.

The weekend might only be the good time to accomplish all those things. If you hire a professional, it’s all possible now.

Electrical services after hours

Many Sydney business owners want their companies to be running with minimal interruptions. That’s why for maintenance and inspections, they often schedule it after the operating hours.

The professional team at Electrical Detectives can do electrical inspections and maintenance at the request of business owners. We can schedule a convenient appointment that works around your schedule.

We can inspect the lighting fixtures, switches, outlets, smoke alarms, switchboards and wiring. We can help prevent serious electrical problems before they cause serious interruption to your business. It’s also our way of ensuring the safety of everyone (staff and customers) inside your business.

After hours electrician Sydney

Whether it’s for electrical repair, inspection or new installation, Electrical Detectives can handle it all after hours or during the weekend.

Need an outlet installed this Saturday? We can do that. Need an electrical safety inspection in your business? We can also do that.

Some electrical jobs might be accomplished longer than expected (depends on the job’s complexity). Either way, we still provide fast and efficient services at affordable pricing.

Contact us today and we can set a convenient appointment for you.

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