Installing a plasma or LCD TV requires safety, security, electrical and aesthetic considerations. Even with a slim built, these televisions are quite heavy. Improper installation might make the TV fall off.

Aside from unstable mounting, faulty and messy electrical connections could also damage the TV and your electrical network. This might even cause a short circuit and a fire hazard. Improper installation will also ruin your viewing experience from time to time. Worse, this could permanently damage your new TV.

Professional TV mounting services

That’s why here at Electrical Detectives, we’re always careful when mounting televisions on walls. First, we take the time to study the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications because different brands and models have varying requirements.

We will also assess your power points (add new ones if necessary) and other electrical connections. Your system should be able to handle the new electrical load. We can perform the necessary upgrades to ensure proper functioning of your TV and add safety to your electrical system.

Then, we study the mounting and the surface where the television will be installed. This is to ensure the stability of the resulting installation. It’s important that the overall structure can carry the weight of the TV. The placement should be secure (no room for wiggle) so there’s no chance for the TV to fall off. Your plasma or LCD TV will be held firmly with no signs of dislocation.

Of course, the final objective is to achieve a pleasurable viewing experience. How far should the TV be from the ceiling and the floor? Where exactly will the viewers sit when it’s TV time? These are important considerations when mounting a TV. The distance should just be right to ensure a comfortable viewer experience.

Why choose Electrical Detectives

Our licensed and experienced technicians consider stability, electrical safety and aesthetics when it comes to mounting a television. We examine all risk factors and pay special attention to the resulting viewer experience once the installation is completed.

On a daily basis for our various customers, our technicians are very careful with carrying and mounting the TV. We use proper tools to secure the mounts on the walls. We ensure there’s no wiggle movement so the TV can stay firm and locked into position.

We also pay attention to the power point and wiring where the TV will be connected. We might install additional outlets and wires to accommodate the new television. We might also need to modify or upgrade your electrical system to ensure safety and proper function.

So if you’ve just bought a new TV, let Electrical Detectives take care of the full installation. Contact us today and we’ll safely and securely install your LCD or plasma TV.


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