Level 2 Electrician

Electrical Detectives are Sydney’s first choice for Level 2 Electrician services.  We hold all relevant accreditations and insurances, and we have been certified by the NSW Department of Energy. As level 2 electricians, we have undergone extensive training and have obtained authorisation to work on and around various distribution networks including Energy Australia, Integral Energy, Ausgrid and more.

Only authorised level 2 electricians are permitted to connect or disconnect your premises from the power network and deal with complex electrical works. This is due to the significant risk of electrocution involved. With Electrical Detectives you can rest assured the job will be done safely, efficiently and to a high standard. Our professional and safety minded team are equipped to deal with (click each for more information):


24 Hour Emergency Service – Sydney Level 2 Electricians

 Electrical Detectives work around the clock to provide you with the best possible service. We understand that every home or business expects reliable access to electricity. Electrical faults and issues can occur without warning, but there’s no need to panic. The team at Electrical Detectives are on call 24/7 – we will come to you at a moment’s notice to restore your electrical systems back to normal.

What does our Level 2 Electrical Service cover?

Electrical Detectives provide level 2 electrical services to residential and commercial clients across Sydney. We cover all manner of electrical work, and our electricians are equipped to work both within your premises and on the network service located in the street.

Our service offering is extensive, and you can rest assured that the job will be done to a high standard no matter whether it is big or small. Level 2 electricians can perform power connections/disconnections, manage overhead service line installations, carry out installation of your electricity metering equipment, repair any damaged cables, carry out electrical re-wiring works, perform power pole replacements, arrange and install temporary power supplies, complete storm damage repairs, perform switchboard installations and relocations and much more. If you’ve got an electrical job in need of attention, we are here to help.

New Connections

 We can carry out installation of new overhead and underground service lines, connecting your home or business premises to electrical services. We have access to a range of special machinery including cherry pickers and excavators, and we only use the highest quality components to provide you with a professional install.

Power Upgrades

With increased power demands, many home and business owners are realising the need for more power. If you’ve been experiencing unexpected shutoffs or overload, Electrical Detectives can upgrade your existing single-phase system to a three-phase system. This will enable you to achieve ample power for your individual needs both now and into the future. We can also relocate and upgrade your switchboards.

Temporary Power

We are skilled in providing temporary power solutions for building sites and special events. We will visit your premises and install temporary service lines, power boards, poles and other equipment to provide you with safe and convenient access to power for the duration of your project/event.


Your electricity usage must be monitored and recorded accurately. We can carry out installation and configuration of your meter, enabling you to take advantage of off-peak, time-of-use, solar power and various other rates available to you.

Damaged Power Cable Repair

Power lines are prone to damage, particularly over time from UV rays. Energy companies may provide a defect notice when damage has been observed, so it’s important to have issues seen to as soon as possible. Electrical Detectives can ensure the safety and reliability of your electrical cables by restoring the insulation and repairing any other damage.

Power Disconnection

Only authorised Level 2 Electricians can disconnect the electricity supply from the network. If you are demolishing a building, it is imperative that the electrical supply is disconnected. Call us today for disconnection and removal of all service equipment.

Power Poles

We can carry out repairs, installations and upgrades for power poles. Our service covers all types of work including the installation of brackets, pillars, new poles and more.


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