Points Networking/Data Cabling

A reliable and high-speed network is crucial to survival of most businesses. Any interruption or failure could mean huge financial losses.

That’s why many Sydney business owners and managers choose Electrical Detectives to take care of this crucial task of points networking/data cabling. This way there will be zero or minimal interruptions to their wired and wireless networks.

Why proper data cabling is crucial

Many businesses now get ahead because of the timely flow of information from one person to the next. With a prompt and stronger communication among people and devices, the business can move faster and make more profitable decisions.

The key is acquiring and sharing information. Truth is, data is the new currency. And not just the data itself, but also how it flows and how people use it.

It’s only possible if the entire system was set up professionally. If there are gaps and vulnerabilities, expect the effects to be magnified in your business operations. Your movement will be slowed down because of lack of or late access to critical information.

Points networking & data cabling for small & medium-sized enterprises

Data cables for commercial sites might require hundreds of metres of wires. Not to mention that these cables should be safely installed alongside electrical wires, water pipes and other important utilities. Any mistake in the installation could mean network and utility interruptions.

Our licensed and experienced technicians perform proper and safe installations to guarantee the smooth flow of data from one device to the next. Aside from the cables, we also properly connect the switches, routers and wireless access points for a seamless information flow.

For example, we’ve set up routers for home offices and other workplaces that allow the networked computers to share a single internet connection. We’ve also set up additional access points for new computers and other devices to get connected.

Why choose Electrical Detectives

With our electrical and technical expertise, we’ve already completed dozens of data and network configurations through the years. As a result, many individuals, families, managers and employees now take advantage of their high-speed networks to acquire and share information in real time.

In addition, we also do prompt emergency repairs (we’re available 24/7) because we understand the value of a reliable network for coordination of the staff and servicing the customers of our clients. We complete each project (emergency or convenient appointment) at affordable rates with upfront pricing and transparent quotes.

Contact us today if you want to ensure a reliable network in your home office or business workplace. With proper cabling and wiring, your work and your business will be brought to a higher level.


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