Cabling and Wiring: Electrical, Telephone, Networking

The invisible inside of the home is just as important as what’s visible on the outside. If there is a flat screen TV flush-mounted on the wall, it looks great and makes the room inviting and fun. It’s just as important to have the TV properly wired to the cable, the internet, the owner, and to all the various components so it can be fully enjoyed.

The cabling and wiring in the home or the office is no joke. It’s a serious business that requires a professional electrician. Not only does proper cabling and wiring keep the home functioning as it should, it keeps the occupants safe from fire or shock hazards as well.



Tragically, many people believe that they can wire up the electrical components of their own home or office. This leads to a number of avoidable and preventable injuries and deaths every year. Our buildings depend on proper wiring so that everything can function as it should.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a kettle that shuts off just because someone upstairs is using the hair dryer. Or a computer that switches off after a few minutes because it’s improperly wired in to the main. It takes a qualified and experienced electrician to wire up the components of our homes and offices so that everything is kept safe and complies with the strict New South Wales regulations.


While residential areas are using telephone lines less and less, the office and commercial sites still use telephones as their lifeblood. Having a functioning phone line is crucial to a business and any interruption to the service could cause a loss of income.

That simply cannot be tolerated, so a professional electrician should always handle the cabling and wiring of the telephone systems in an office environment. The professional electricians at Electrical Detectives have experience in installing and maintaining multi-line phone systems that both function inside and office and out.


As we head further into the computer age, the office and home life will depend more on having reliable and high-speed networks. Businesses require quick access to information and services. Homes need to have their various connections that can reach into every room in the home.

Networking cabling is a speciality of Electrical Detectives. They are committed to providing the home and office with high-speed and reliable networks so that everybody can stay connected to each other and the rest of the world. It’s just not an option anymore to not have a fast, working networking line.

Electrical Detectives are the experts in wiring and cabling your life. Their commitment to providing complete satisfaction and high quality means that you can trust them with all the data, communication, and electrical wiring needs of the home.

Call today on 02 9708 2732 to get a 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency service, or contact them online to get a response within 15 minutes. Your home and office depend on proper cabling and wiring, so depend on the expert technicians at Electrical Detectives.


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