When you need electrical services, you don’t want to settle for less. Not only do top-notch electrical services last longer, but they create a safe result you can rely on.

Here at Electrical Detectives, we provide a full range of services for both residential and commercial facilities. From routine maintenance to installations to repairs, we are your all-in-one electrical resource!

When you choose our company for your electrical needs, you can be sure that you’ll get quality service, affordable prices, and a result that is in line with your schedule. We provide you with a wide range of services to help address any electrical issue you may be having at your home or business.


Domestic Electricians

When building your home, you need to know that the tradesmen working on your house put as much value in it as you do. That’s our mindset whenever we take on domestic electrical services. We put as much thought and care into our work as if it were our own home.


Commercial Electrician

With years of experience under our belts of installing, maintaining, and repairing commercial electrical services, we’re proud to include our commercial electricians as one of our growing parts of Electrical Detectives.


Exhaust Fan Installation Services

Did you know that, no matter how well built and maintained, without proper air ventilation, homes can fall prey to mould and become a threat to the comfort and health of their residents? Exhaust fans are one of the simplest and most efficient solutions to keep air circulating and prevent mould, mildew, or stale air.


Appliance Installation Services

Most families in Sydney rely on electrical appliances to ensure their home comfort and entertainment. The more appliances they install, the higher the pressure on the home’s electrical network. Most domestic fires are actually caused by malfunctioning appliances and issues with the electrical network. It’s no wonder the demand for appliance installations in Sydney has been growing constantly throughout the last year.

Lighting Services: Repairs, Installations, and More

One of the main aspects of your electrical system is its ability to provide your facility with quality lighting. Whether you need your existing lights to be checked or you need new ones installed, we can help. Whether you’re looking at traditional lighting or skylights, our qualified technicians can meet your need efficiently.

Cabling and Wiring: Electrical, Telephone, Networking

Wiring is an important aspect of any electrical system. If your home needs to be re-wired in order to provide a safer and more efficient result, our technicians can provide the solution. We also provide services in the areas of telephone and network wiring which are often found at commercial facilities. No matter how big or small your need, Electrical Detectives can provide the solution.

Routine Maintenance and Safety Inspections

One of the easiest ways to keep your electrical system in good condition is to have it serviced regularly by trained professionals. Our technicians understand exactly what to look for when it comes to searching for potential problems. In addition, we can perform routine safety inspections at your home or business. Whether you need to make sure your smoke alarm is working properly or you want a problematic outlet checked, we are here for you.

The Reliable 24/7 Service You Need

Whenever you have an electrical problem, you want a solution that works with your budget and your schedule. Not only do we offer competitive prices, but we provide the emergency service you need in order to get your needs resolved in a timely manner. When you need electrical services, contact us!

Contact Electrical Detectives for your electrical servicing, repair, and installation needs!


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