How to Prevent Electrical Hazards in the Home

by superadmin on January 25, 2017 in Blog

The home can be a dangerous place if there are any electrical hazards around. Safeguarding the home and family against any threat is not hard, and anybody can take simple steps to prevent hazards from becoming dangers.

Install Surge Protectors

Some of the sensitive devices in the home require protection from any extra voltage. That means using surge protectors or USB to protect the power going into the device. For any computers, laptops, high-end televisions, or complicated equipment, a surge protector allows the device to run properly and escape any surges to the system, thus not overloading the device and frying the components inside.

Check Cabling

If something has been left in storage for an extended period of time, the power cord can deteriorate over that time. It’s important to check over the cord to look for cracks or frays in the cord. For power tools, it’s important to get a safety inspection done and have all the tools and equipment tested and tagged for safety on a regular schedule.

Check Positions

Sometimes, the easiest way to avoid any disruption or electrical hazard in the home is to check where everything is placed. Keep all equipment away from heaters. Check that cords don’t create tripping hazards or lay across walkways or doorways. Watch for cord pinching and crimping from corners and doors.

Turn off Appliances at the Power Point

Even if the appliance will be in use soon, it’s always wise to turn everything off at the power point when shutting it down. This not only prevents any accidental shocks or surges; it also saves money. When switched off, some appliances continue to draw power for residual memory or other needs. This can cost the home owner hundreds of dollars each year.

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