Why Hire a Pro When Installing Electrical Cables in Walls

by superadmin on September 4, 2017 in Blog

Installing electrical cables in walls seems an easy task. You just have to attach the cables and wires. You also have to properly connect them with the power source. It sounds simple and seems like anyone can do it.

However, there are still safety risks and standards you have to follow. Whether you’re installing new wiring for your new home or renovated area, electrical wiring now can be complex. Here are some of the reasons why:

Risk of overloading

This is the most common scenario. Decades ago, there are only a few appliances and lighting. But now, in just one room we might find over a dozen of electrical-powered devices. This is a perfect condition for overloading.

Properly installing the wires and cables can help prevent that scenario. Professional electricians can ensure the circuits and wires can handle the future load. They can even design the whole system for the wiring of all your lighting and outlets.

Planning for the future

Perhaps you’re still planning to make changes in your home. If you’re in business, maybe you’re planning to add more computers and staff in the near future.

Whichever is the case, proper wiring and installation can help you save on costs and hassles. For example, addition of new wiring can be a lot easier when there’s a proper previous installation. The demolition and rebuilding of walls will be minimal.

Mapping the wiring can also be a lot easier. This is important when contractors are about to demolish an area. They can avoid some of the laborious work (which means saved time and costs for you). The structure can also remain almost intact. As a result, there will be minimal inconvenience for your family and business.


Concealing the electrical cables beneath walls is the neater option. There will be no cables on the surface. The walls will look clean and you won’t have to sacrifice your home interior design for the sake of electrical wiring.

Aside from aesthetics, electrical cables in walls are actually the safer option. People (especially children) won’t be able to touch the cables (even if these are covered in plastic or rubber). The wires are also held in place and they’re stable. In contrast, exposed cables can be prone to movement and twisting. Irregularities can result to unstable electrical flow which poses risks. This is one main reason why extension cords are a bit dangerous to humans and property.

Installing electrical cables in walls Sydney

Here at Electrical Detectives, our experienced electrical technicians observe all safety requirements during each work. They implement cost-effective ways while ensuring safety every step of the way.

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