Repairing Electrical Outlets: Should You Do It Yourself?

by superadmin on August 22, 2017 in Blog

Repairing electrical outlets seems simple. It’s just a few electrical wiring and everything’s done. However, this seemingly simple task also has risks. Careless repair may also even lead to more expenses and dangers to everyone.

For instance, you need to remove the casing for almost every outlet repair case. This requires precautions and careful handling of the wires inside. Even putting it back together requires additional safety precautions as well.

Turn off the power before any electrical repair

This is the most critical precaution to observe before performing any repair. Unfortunately, thousands of people each year fail to observe this. This has lead to injuries and worse, fatalities.

True professionals have been trained to adhere to safety standards before, during and after any electrical repair job. Even during safety inspections and maintenance, they have a complete checklist to ensure everything’s done properly.

On the other hand, untrained electricians pose safety risk to themselves and to the families. One mistake and it might lead to electrocution and fire. To prevent this scenario, hiring a qualified electrician is recommended.

Loose or cracked casing? Burnt marks?

These are the most common problems regarding electrical outlets. On the first scenario, the electrician might replace the whole casing and check for additional issues. On the second, there might be a more serious problem.

Overloading, exposed wires and faulty connections might be the reason for burnt marks on the outlet. It could even be due to the appliance you’re always connecting to it. Whichever is the case, advanced troubleshooting and repair might be needed.

Qualified electricians can do further inspection on the electrical wiring and service panel. They might perform replacement and upgrade (especially if your system’s outdated). This way, you will prevent the same problem from recurring.

Repairing electrical outlets Sydney

It seems a simple task but there are still risks. That’s why professional electricians have undergone extensive training before they handle assignments on their own.

Here at Electrical Detectives, our highly trained and experienced technicians observe all safety precautions during all the aspects of an electrical repair job. It doesn’t matter how small or simple the job. Safety is always our priority.

Call us today at 02 9709 4744 if you need an affordable, fast and professional service.

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