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Style and elegance define Wahroonga. But at the heart of any developed community is a reliable electrical system. After all, it’s almost impossible to enjoy the amenities if the circuit breaker is tripping or there is faulty wiring.

Here at Electrical Detectives we are fast to fix any electrical issue your home or business might have. Our emergency electricians arrive promptly on site and work efficiently to solve the problem once and for all.

Wahroonga electricians 24/7

Our emergency electricians ($0 call out fee, call us at 02 9199 2606) are always ready to fix electrical issues of any kind. We always have an available team ready to be deployed no matter the time of the day.

You got dead outlets? Flickering lights maybe? We can fix all that and arrive promptly on site. What about full house rewiring? Yes we do all that and our experienced and qualified electricians will be focusing on reliability, performance and safety.

Our services include:

  • Repair dead and burnt outlets
  • Repair faulty wiring
  • Rewire the whole house
  • Upgrade for higher amperage
  • Inspect sparks and buzzing sounds (possible electrical hazard)
  • Install electrical safety devices
  • Install new wires, outlets and other electrical fixtures
  • Full home electrical installation
  • Electrical installs for new rooms and home additions
  • Electrical setup for remodelled kitchen or bathroom
  • Additional installs of outlets and wires
  • Perform electrical inspection for safety and compliance


We also do the following:

  • Set up Plasma and LED TVs (complete with mounting and wiring)
  • Install new appliances and dedicated outlets and wiring to avoid overloading (we install refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, water heaters and other heavy duty appliances)
  • Install exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Replace busted or defective lights
  • Install indoor and outdoor lighting for aesthetics and security
  • Set up telephone, networking and data cabling for businesses (ensure reliability and performance)

We have a complete range of electrical services that cover repair, installation, replacement and upgrade. We also do proactive approaches in preventing fires and electrical failures by timely safety inspections and maintenance.

Residential & commercial electricians in Wahroonga

Our licensed and insured electricians have already serviced hundreds of businesses in Wahroonga and whole of Sydney. We can do immediate repairs to minimise inconveniences to your staff and customers. We can also do inspections and maintenance after business hours.

We also install telephone and networking because many businesses still use it as their main communications channel. We prioritise reliability and performance to ensure there will be no interruptions. Communications and customer service are the lifeblood of businesses. Here at Electrical Detectives we work hard to ensure 100% uptime.

We have already serviced the following:

  • Home offices
  • Business offices
  • Home-style cafes
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Schools and churches
  • Massage centres
  • Shops and groceries
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Recreational facilities

We also service homes, villas, townhouses and apartments. Through the years we’ve already worked on all types of electrical jobs. Rest assured that your home is in good hands because our licensed and insured electricians always use quality instruments and parts. They also observe all safety precautions when handling electrical jobs no matter how big or small.

Safety in electrical installations and repairs

Whether before, during and after the repairs, all of our insured electricians are careful to handle wires, outlets, circuit breakers, powerpoints and other electrical fixtures. Even when replacing a busted light our electricians use the proper gear and ladder to do the job.

Many electrical repairs and installs require working on an elevated platform. That’s why our experienced electricians only use the proper gear for each job. We also ensure that you won’t encounter the same problem anytime soon because we only use quality tools and parts.

Exhaust fan installation & miscellaneous services

Installing exhaust fans is also important because these promote better ventilation and air circulation. That’s why we’re careful to set it up properly to ensure its functionality for the months ahead.

We take care of the whole setup including the wiring and strategic placement. This way the exhaust fan will stay intact and functional even with heavy use.

We also install new lighting or replace them. We even set up the receptacle and the required wiring to ensure it’s working. Whether it’s an accent or security lighting, we pay special attention on how it’s installed and if it will really work properly. We set up the required electrical fixtures to ensure the lights are on when needed (especially if it’s security lighting).

We also properly install appliances according to manufacturer specifications. We also set up dedicated outlets and wiring to prevent overloading. We also do additional installations to protect appliances from electrical surges.

We can also upgrade the amperage and rewire your place to better meet your new energy demands. For growing businesses and departments they will require more computers. Growing families and upgrading lifestyles may also require an upgraded electrical system in their homes.

Why choose Electrical Detectives

We’re serious whenever someone makes a booking with us. We confirm the appointment and promptly arrive on site. Whether it’s an emergency or a convenient appointment, we always keep our promises.

We also set clear expectations by providing written quotes and guarantees. We also provide upfront and honest pricing so you won’t be surprised at the end. It’s our way of maintaining the elegance of our work and reputation.

Singles, couples and families in Wahroonga trust us through the years because of our commitment to timeliness and excellence. To further give you peace of mind, we’ll supply you with a 12-month warranty that guarantees the quality of our work and materials. We’re confident because our expert electricians are only using the best materials and tools in each job.

Established businesses and known brands also call us whenever they encounter an electrical issue. We also do safety inspections and maintenance for compliance and to ensure 100% reliability of their electrical fixtures.

Electrician Wahroonga

Call us today at 02 9199 2606 and our friendly staff will respond to your enquiry. We’ll provide you written quotes and upfront pricing. Our licensed electricians will then arrive at your site promptly.


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