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Surry Hills is home to many hardworking professionals who deserve all the convenience after work hours. There are several diverse cafes, fine restaurants, supermarkets and other excellent facilities. However, all of those facilities are only reliable if their electrical systems are always in top condition. Also, hardworking professionals need their electrical systems to be functional 24/7 (or fast and professional electrical repairs when issues arise) in their homes.

That’s why many families and business owners in Surry Hills call Electrical Detectives (02 9199 2606). Our Surry Hills electricians do the following:

  • Install new switchboards and outlets to homes and businesses
  • Install or replace complete wiring
  • Upgrade service panels and whole electrical system
  • Install and replace lighting fixtures
  • Repair exposed outlet and wiring
  • Repair service panels and other electrical fixtures
  • Perform safety inspection and routine maintenance to prevent electrical hazards and failures

Our qualified and experienced technicians do all of the above with a priority on safety, expertise and professionalism. We’ve already serviced homes, apartment buildings, offices, retail stores, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and other commercial establishments.

Surry Hills emergency electricians 24/7

We could set up a convenient appointment for you. However, most of the electrical issues are serious and require urgent attention.

That’s why here at Electrical Detectives we also handle emergency electrical repairs. We understand that electrical issues present safety and fire hazards. Our goal is to address them as quickly as possible so everyone will remain safe.

If you suspect an urgent electrical issue such as flickering lights, power interruption (due to your own system’s failure), exposed wiring, chipped or cracked outlets, busted lights and electrical overloading, call us at 02 9199 2606 and we’ll fix all of that as soon as we can.

Safety-focused electricians in Surry Hills

Even minor electrical repairs require expertise and intensive safety training. That’s because negligence while performing an electrical job could lead to an injury or even fatalities. For instance, a minor electrical shock can cause someone to fall and bump his head.

Our qualified and hardworking electricians have undergone hundreds of hours of training and apprenticeship before they handle assignments on their own. They’re also updated with the latest requirements and standards. They will use the most modern tools and diagnostic steps for each job.

Our experienced electricians have also handled hundreds (if not thousands) of electrical repairs and installs through the years. It’s likely they know exactly what to do in each assignment. They’ve already encountered it many times during their long years of service.

Electrical safety inspection and routine maintenance

A modern, active and fantastic community such as Surry Hills is only possible because of the reliability of electrical systems. If there’s an electrical failure in a business establishment such as a restaurant, it means loss of customers, not to mention the possible fire hazards and property damages.

Even in offices and retail stores, electrical issues (even minor and “trivial” ones) can result to loss of sales, productivity and customers. Flickering lights can disturb both the customers and employees. Overloading and unreliable electrical systems might make the air conditioners unusable (which causes discomfort especially during summer). This will make the employees less productive and the customers less eager to stay in your business.

That’s why many Surry Hills cafes, restaurants, retail stores, offices and supermarkets also call us here at Electrical Detectives for safety inspection and routine maintenance. Our expert technicians perform the following:

  • Advanced diagnostics to identify and mitigate risks
  • Compliance with local regulations and latest safety standards
  • Rewiring if there are faults identified
  • Inspection of the current electrical load and capacity
  • System upgrade if your business expands and adds more equipment

Other Surry Hills electrical services

We also install exhaust fans and cabling for telephone and networking. We understand that these require a meticulous attention (e.g. telephone failure could also lead to loss of long-term customers).

That’s why here at Electrical Detectives, we install telephone and networking systems with a focus on reliability and performance. Also, in case there’s an interruption or total failure, we also fix the issue as quick as we can. We understand that your business heavily relies on dependable communication with suppliers, partners and customers.

We also properly install exhaust fans for improved ventilation and comfort. This is actually very crucial in many residential and commercial areas (especially in kitchens and bathrooms). A reliable exhaust fan is needed in ensuring a comfortable setting in many homes and businesses.

Appliance installation Surry Hills

We also install new appliances and additional dedicated outlets for businesses and residences. The outlets and existing electrical connections should be able to handle the additional load. It’s our job to make sure of that.

It’s especially the case with refrigerators, freezers and dryers that have high electrical demands. The whole electrical system might be upgraded to accommodate them. It’s also likely that additional outlets and wiring will be installed.

In the past, DIY or assistance of a friend might be enough for this job. But times change and there are safety risks involved. Professional electricians should also handle these tasks if you want to ensure safety and proper operation of your new appliances.

Professional electrical technicians can also replace and install lighting fixtures. Lighting requires wiring and electricity as well, which is why professionals should also handle this. Moreover, even replacement of lighting can result to electrical shock and fall. That’s why it’s always advised to have a professional do the job for you.

Electrician Surry Hills

In summary, Electrical Detectives do the following for homes, apartment buildings and businesses:

  • New electrical installations
  • Electrical repairs and troubleshooting
  • Electrical upgrades and complete rewiring
  • Lighting installation and replacement
  • Installation of exhaust fans, telephone and networking (cabling and wiring) and new appliances
  • Inspection for safety, reliability and compliance


Our qualified and experienced electricians have already handled hundreds of electrical jobs through the many years. Because of our experience, we’re also able to quickly and efficiently finish our job (lower labour cost). As a result, you actually save money by calling us.

We are available 24/7 for convenient appointments and emergency call outs. We arrive promptly on site and get on the job very quickly. We understand that you only want minimal interruptions to your weekend or evening. That’s why we’re fast to arrive on site and finish the job as efficiently as possible.

We also offer written quotes and upfront pricing. You know what you’ll be paying for. Expectations are clear and you’ll only pay for what we’ve worked for. We offer reasonable pricing given the service we rendered. That’s why many businesses and families in Surry Hills choose us for all their electrical service needs.

Call us today at 02 9199 2606 and our friendly staff will respond. You can also enquire online and we’ll respond within 5 minutes.


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