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Young couples and mature locals need to enjoy a convenient lifestyle whether they’re at home or enjoying outside. It’s only possible if their electrical systems are reliable 24/7 (or electrical issues get fixed right away).

That’s why here at Electrical Detectives, we do fast electrical repairs in new homes, Victorian houses, historic establishments, apartment buildings, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, supermarkets and other commercial facilities.

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Electrical repairs Redfern

Call us at 02 9199 2606 and we’ll repair outlets, wires, service panels and other electrical components. Aside from professional electrical repairs, we also do the following:

  • New electrical installs for your new rooms and appliances
  • Complete rewiring to update an old property
  • Safety inspection in your new apartment
  • Electrical upgrades for outdated systems
  • Lighting installation and replacement
  • Installation of exhaust fan and cabling for telephone and networking


In short, we do anything electrical (installs, repairs, inspections, replacements and upgrades). Our experienced technicians have been servicing Redfern homes for many years. We provide a fast and professional electrical service, all at affordable rates. We also ensure the reliability of your electrical system for months and years to come.

24/7 Electricians Redfern

Yes, we can dispatch an electrician (or a team of technicians) to your site whenever there’s an urgent electrical concern. We can set up both a convenient appointment (that works around your schedule) and an emergency call out.

Electrical issues almost always happen at the most inconvenient of times. Perhaps it’s during a late evening, early morning or a special gathering. Our technicians are available during those times. Even if you think there’s no one available, Electrical Detectives will always be here for you.

Whether it’s a busted outlet, outdated service panel or a flickering light, we’ll always be here for you. We can send a technician right away if you need it. We will help ensure your convenient lifestyle here at Redfern with our fast and reliable electrical services.

We perform all kinds of electrical repairs. Even if you think it’s just a minor or trivial issue, don’t hesitate to call. Almost all huge electrical problems start from small issues. Don’t wait for them to become bigger and serious. It’s now time to solve them by calling us here at Electrical Detectives.

Local electrician in Redfern

Whether it’s urgent or not, it’s always best for the electrician to arrive at the site as fast as possible. Here at Electrical Detectives, we have a team of electricians just stationed reasonably near to your location. We can arrive quickly and promptly.

Whether it’s a convenient appointment or an emergency call out, we value your time. Also, most of the electrical issues do indeed require an urgent action. We understand that electrical issues pose safety and fire risks. Our job is to prevent those early on and help you save a lot of money upfront.

Before we do each job, we provide upfront pricing and written quotes. Other companies will try to persuade you with their unreasonably low prices. But after the job, it’s an additional hundreds of dollars to your bill. They just said the low prices because they just want your money.

It’s totally different here at Electrical Detectives. We give you a written quote and upfront pricing before the start of each job. You’ll know what to expect and how much to pay. There are no surprises at the end (except how good and efficient our electricians are).

Commercial electricians in Redfern

Our goal is to ensure reliable electrical connections in Redfern homes and apartments. It’s also our objective when it comes to Redfern businesses.

Whether you’re starting a new business or already have an established one, we understand that electricity is the lifeblood of your company. Whether it’s an office, supermarket, bar, restaurant, cafe or retail store, you need a reliable electrical system for a reliable business operation and customer service.

That’s why many Redfern businesses also call us for safety inspection and routine maintenance of their service panels, wiring, outlets and other electrical components. We perform advanced diagnostics to identify the faults and risks. Our commercial electricians also perform upgrades, repairs and replacements if needed.

Wires and panels are often hidden from view which is why it’s difficult to determine if there are any faults. Our technicians use the proper tools and techniques for determining the issues in those components. We address the issues early on before they become a major source of risks.

For example, we identify early on if your system can adequately handle the electrical load especially during peak hours. We can replace or upgrade your circuit board in this case. We can also check the wiring and other components for safety and top performance.

Affordable electrical services 24/7

Whether it’s a scheduled appointment or an emergency electrical job, we provide affordable electrical services 24/7. Our pricing is reasonable and this is possible because our operations are already efficient. Through our years of experience, we are able to service each home efficiently and quickly.

Our competitive and upfront pricing is one of the reasons many Redfern couples and mature locals choose us. Our main goal is to deliver the best results for each home we service. Before, during and after the repair or installation we do, we provide only excellent customer service.

We also use quality parts for each job we perform. This is to ensure you won’t be encountering the same electrical issue anytime soon. This saves us both time and effort as you can continuously resume with your daily normal living (and enjoy the convenient lifestyle Redfern has to offer).

Electrician Redfern

Call us now at 02 9199 2606 if you want a fast, affordable and professional electrical service (new installs, repairs, replacements and upgrades). We have serviced dozens of Redfern homes and businesses. Many of them have become repeat customers because they rely on us for all their electrical install and repair needs.


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