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Although nothing beats an outdoor experience, staying at home still forms a huge part of our lives. But that experience could be ruined by dead outlets, exposed wires, tripping breakers, flickering lights, overloading, unusually high electrical bill and other electrical issues.

That’s why here at Electrical Detectives (call us today at 02 9709 4744), we are fast to investigate and solve the case. We find the root cause of the issue and solve it right away. We perform advanced troubleshooting and diagnostics. We then use quality parts and tools to ensure a reliable home electrical system.

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Carlingford electrician 24/7

Our emergency electricians work quickly and efficiently so you can resume immediately with your relaxed lifestyle. Outdoors can be fun but just a tripping breaker could ruin the day. You don’t want any hassles and worries whenever you relax in the park or eat in your favourite restaurant.

Our highly experienced and qualified electricians are very quick to respond. We always have a team of technicians ready to be deployed no matter the time of day. Our residential and commercial electrical services include the following:

  • Repair and replace outlets
  • Repair exposed wires and eliminate hazards
  • Inspect electrical sparks and sounds
  • Inspect the cause of flickering lights whenever you turn on an appliance
  • Repair or upgrade circuit breakers for higher amperage
  • Install electrical safety devices
  • Perform electrical safety inspection in new and old homes
  • Electrical installation in new home construction
  • Installation of new wires and outlets for home additions and remodels
  • Update wires to comply with latest safety standards

Other Carlingford electrical services

Aside from common electrical repair and installation jobs, we also do the following:

  • Replace busted lights
  • Install new lighting fixtures (both indoor and outdoor lighting)
  • Install exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Install appliances and dedicated outlets for new kitchen appliances
  • Data cabling for reliable and fast information flow and access in home offices
  • Telephone & networking installation
  • TV setup (plasma, LED TV, etc.)


We do all kinds of electrical work. It’s important that only licensed electricians do these jobs to prevent fatalities, injuries, fires and hazards. Whether it’s a small job (replacing lighting) or a major assignment (full home electrical installation), Electrical Detectives can do the job efficiently and safely.

Affordable emergency electrical services

Whether it’s an emergency call out ($0 call out fee) or a convenient appointment (we work around your schedule), we offer affordable pricing no matter the job. We also offer honest and upfront pricing so there will be no surprises in the end.

Competitors out there might be promising unreasonably low price to get you as their customer. But wait until the billing comes. Aside from poor results, you also have to pay a lot more than expected.

Here at Electrical Detectives we provide written quotes and guarantees (with honest and upfront pricing) so everything’s clear before we do anything. We set clear expectations while doing our best work. It’s just our way of providing honest work while getting a fair pay in exchange for our skills and expertise.

Full home & commercial electrical services

We do electrical repairs & installs in the following sites:

  • Homes
  • Home offices
  • Apartments
  • Business offices
  • Medical and dental clinics
  • Banks
  • Shops
  • Restaurants & cafes
  • Schools & churches
  • Entertainment and recreational facilities

Through the years our licensed electricians have already handled hundreds and thousands of electrical jobs. Whether it’s as simple as replacing a lighting fixture or as complex as rewiring a full home, our electrical technicians always accomplish each job with quality, reliability and safety in mind.

Safety is our priority

Doing electrical repairs and installations is a serious business. Electrocution, falls, injuries and even fatalities may result from improperly doing an electrical job.

Our professional electricians here at Electrical Detectives prioritise safety when performing an electrical repair or install no matter how big or small. We always use safety gear and appropriate ladders when working in an elevated position.

We’re also regularly updated about the latest electrical safety standards and requirements. We continuously attend training courses to ensure we’re doing each job safely.

Prompt service

We arrive promptly on site because we understand the inconveniences (and hazards) of any electrical issue. We respond quickly and we always have teams ready to be deployed whether it’s Monday night or just a relaxing weekend.

From your initial enquiry up to our technicians finishing the job, we always offer excellent service each step of the way. Our friendly staff is always ready to answer your calls. Our technicians are also alert to any other electrical issues your home or office might have.

Whether it’s an emergency request, an electrical inspection or maintenance or just a routine electrical job, our professional electricians always value our customers’ time. This way you can immediately resume with your normal activities instead of thinking about the dead outlet, tripping circuit breaker or exposed wire.

Electrician Carlingford: Why choose Electrical Detectives

We do all kinds of electrical jobs (repairs, installs, replacements, upgrade, inspection, maintenance) at affordable pricing ($0 call out fee). Our on-time and experienced electricians have already handled hundreds of residential and commercial assignments through the years.

Whether it’s a small job (replacing the lights or outlets) or a major project (full home electrical installation), we always have a team ready to be deployed into your site no matter the time of the day.

We always use quality parts and installations in everything we do. We also prioritise safety and quality. Rest assured that the electrical problem will be solved in no time (and also you won’t encounter the same problem again anytime soon).

Aside from basic electrical jobs, we also install kitchen appliances, exhaust fans and telephone and networking. We ensure reliability and performance so your electrical system will be able to handle the additional load and electrical demand.

Contact us today and our friendly staff will be happy to respond. We will provide you with written quotes and honest pricing so everything’s clear. We also offer competitive rates so you can always get the best value out of your money.

Call us today at 02 9709 4744 and Electrical Detectives will promptly arrive


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