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It’s a mix of sky-high apartments and Victorian-style family homes here at Alexandria. Heritage and modernity make this suburb an attractive place for almost everyone.

Whether it’s an old home or a modern apartment, a perfectly functioning electrical system is a must. Aside from safety, it’s also about attaining convenience so residents, customers and businesses can better focus on what Alexandria has to offer.

Alexandria electricians 24/7

Here at Electrical Detectives, we combine our old-fashioned commitment to hard work with our modern approach to solving electrical issues of any kind. We treat each home or commercial premise as if it’s our own and take extra care when touching anything in the place. We also implement the latest electrical and safety standards during each assignment.

For modern apartments, we make sure that each place can handle the current energy requirements of the residents. Whether it’s a new installation or just a few additions of power points, our licensed electricians always focus on safety and performance.

For older homes, we can perform a full rewiring so the systems will be up to performance. Outdated wiring and electrical fixtures might not be able to handle the modern energy requirements of a typical household. Our team can perform the necessary upgrades for better performance and safety.

Complete residential & commercial electrical services

Through the years, our team has been busy doing electrical work for homes, apartments, offices, restaurants, patisseries, cafes and other places where people will enjoy their stay. These places are more than just about doing work, relaxing or getting a brunch. It’s also about getting a unique and safe experience each moment.

That can only happen if everything’s taken cared of in the background. For instance, the proper functioning of power points, wires and switchboards is crucial in making home and commercial activities happen. Any kind of failure or interruption in the electrical network would result to stress and even huge financial losses (especially for restaurants and cafes that get full during the weekend).

That’s why we offer complete services here at Electrical Detectives which include:

  • Repair & replacement of power points, wires, light fittings, switchboards and other electrical fixtures
  • Partial & full electrical rewiring of old homes & commercial premises
  • Installation of safety switches to protect you and your property from power surges, faulty wiring and malfunctioning appliances
  • Installation or replacement of lighting (fluorescent, LED, downlights, garden lights, security lighting)
  • Safe installation & mounting of plasma, LED TVs
  • Installation of kitchen and bathroom appliances (we strictly follow manufacturer’s instructions and ensure your system can handle the additional electrical burden)
  • Replacement & upgrade of switchboards (protect people from electrocution as well as easier isolation of faulty wiring and appliances)
  • Safe electrical installation for the renovation of homes and commercial premises (safely remove or install power points, lighting and other fixtures)
  • Installation of exhaust fans for better ventilation (strategic placement and neat setup of wires)
  • Points networking and data cabling (reliable and high-speed flow of information in homes and workplaces)

Phone us today at 02 9199 2606 or enquire online for a prompt, professional and affordable electrical service. We provide upfront and honest pricing with written quotes and guarantees.


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