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Older couples and families in Airds know fully well the hassles and hazards coming from defective electrical fixtures and the entire electrical network.

Whether it’s just a flickering light or a total failure of the switchboard, it’s hard to fall asleep or move on to something else whenever these issues happen. Add to that the uncertainty that recent developments in this suburb bring to the residents.

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Certainty & stability in our electrical services

That’s why here at Electrical Detectives, we remain to be the reliable team for fixing electrical issues of any kind. Our licensed electricians (who have undergone rigorous accreditation and apprenticeship) always arrive promptly on site.

We provide certainty when it comes to the results we deliver. That’s because we understand the value and importance of having a perfectly functioning electrical network. The convenient and stable life is only possible in this modern society if all our electrical fixtures are working well.

We understand that urban planning and renewal will bring many changes to this community. But what will remain is our commitment to delivering fair, excellent and professional electrical services.

Airds electrician 24/7

Our electrical services include:

  • Repair and replace power points
  • Install new power points for home renovations, additions and new kitchen or bathroom appliances
  • Repair, troubleshoot and upgrade switchboards
  • Update old electrical wiring for better safety and electrical function
  • Replace busted lights and new fittings if necessary
  • Install electrical safety devices for better prevention of domestic fire
  • Safely install new appliances and ensure the system can handle the electrical load
  • Properly and safely mount the TVs plus installing the necessary power points and wiring
  • Routine safety inspection to keep your electrical system on top safety and performance

For urgent electrical concerns, we always have a team ready to be deployed 24/7 (phone us today at 02 9199 2606 or enquire online). You can also set a convenient appointment and we’ll arrive promptly on site.

Why choose Electrical Detectives

Back then the DIY approach might suffice (plus some pliers, wiring and gloves). But today, electrical work requires expertise, training and proper accreditation.

It’s made this way because of safety concerns and the increasing complexity of electrical repairs and installations. Any mistake in this kind of job could lead to a domestic fire or electrical failure. Although from time to time these are normal occurrences, these should be repaired immediately and professionally.

Here at Electrical Detectives, we’ve dedicated our time in navigating through the complexities. We always update ourselves with the latest electrical and safety standards. We also only use the best tools for each job. This way we can quickly fix the problem and protect you and your property from potential electrical and fire hazards.

Phone us today at 02 9199 2606 if you want to assure your home’s electrical safety and performance. Change will always be here, but we’ll stick to our old-fashioned ways of delivering a quality, prompt, affordable and excellent service.


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