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With the recent residential construction on the Finger Wharf and the waterfront’s redevelopment, the suburb is just starting in its transformation. Expect more remarkable changes to come as the redevelopment attracts more infrastructure projects and investments.

But even with all that development the Finger Wharf will always be here. The former wharf and passenger terminal handled wool export and played an important role in the troop deployment to the World Wars. Now it’s hard to imagine its past because what we see now is a modern complex of restaurants and residential apartments.

Having a commercial and historical importance, Woolloomooloo is an interesting community where there’s always a struggle between heritage and progress. It’s always been a challenge to move forward while still preserving what’s left of the past.

But it’s entirely difficult to remember the past and move forward if the essentials were not covered in the first place. It’s especially the case when it comes to electrical fixtures and systems. A single malfunction can interrupt home and business activities.

Here at Electrical Detectives we promptly fix those kinds of malfunctions and take measures to prevent them from happening in the first place. Our professional electrical services include:

  • Repair of switchboards, faulty wires, power points and other electrical fixtures
  • Full or partial rewiring of a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, entire home, strata or commercial building
  • Switchboard upgrade to better accommodate higher energy demand
  • Installation of additional power points, wiring and light fittings (e.g. for home additions and renovations)
  • Lighting installation (including indoor, outdoor, essential and decorative lighting and the light fittings)
  • Safe and proper installation of heavy-duty kitchen and bathroom appliances (according to manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Plasma/LCD TV setup (secure mounting and neat installation for optimal viewing experience)
  • Exhaust fan and ceiling fan installation
  • Telephone and data cabling and networking (reliable connectivity for businesses and home offices)
  • Electrical safety inspections including routine maintenance (prevent fire hazards and overloading)

Level 2 electrician Woolloomooloo

Our technical expertise also covers the following:

  • Connecting, disconnecting and reconnecting residential and commercial premises to the power network
  • Connecting new service lines
  • Managing the installation of overhead service lines
  • Installing and configuring the meter
  • Providing temporary power solutions for building sites and special events
  • Repairing and insulating damaged power cables (damages might be due to storms, UV rays or physical degradation)
  • Repairing, upgrading or installing power poles including the pillars and brackets
  • Restoring electrical systems to normal (24/7 electrical service)

Our end-to-end solutions (from the power pole to the power point) have made us a one-stop shop when it comes to electrical projects. Our residential and commercial electricians complete each project on time and on budget, whether it’s a power point installation, full house rewiring, meter configuration or power pole installation.

Contact us here today at Electrical Detectives if you require a professional and complete electrical service at a competitive price. We’ll study your requirements and provide you with a written quote and guarantee (honest and upfront pricing).


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