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With Ultimo’s recent and ongoing gentrification, expect the 8,800+ population to increase significantly for the coming years. Industrial sites now are being repurposed to residential and commercial areas.

Back then Ultimo was crowded because of the construction of factories and other industrial facilities. But as land gets astronomically expensive (especially due to Ultimo’s proximity to CBD), many of those facilities and companies moved further. Good news is Ultimo will experience a kind of revival which will boost the local economy.

Even without that revival, the commercial areas centred on Broadway, Harris Street and Wattle Street provide an air of activity and movement to Ultimo. And with all these commercial activity, Ultimo still provides a glimpse of history because of the ~400,000 artifacts housed in the Powerhouse Museum.

Electrician Ultimo 24/7

Activity and history also define us here at Electrical Detectives. Because of our solid reputation that has been established through the years, we’re always busy handling electrical works for individual clients and contractors. It’s a result of our commitment to safety, excellence and ultimate client satisfaction.

Whether it’s an emergency electrical repair or a full house rewiring, we’re able to complete the job on time and on budget. When it comes to urgent electrical repairs, we promptly arrive on site because we understand the inconvenience of an electrical malfunction.

Our professional electrical services include:

  • Repairing and installing switchboards, wires, power points and light fittings
  • Repairing damaged electrical components (whether because of an accident, extreme weather or natural deterioration)
  • Inspecting all electrical components for electrical safety and performance (e.g. preventing failures, overloads and fire hazards especially in commercial premises)
  • Installing indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, exhaust fans and kitchen and bathroom appliances
  • Installing plasma/LED TV (secure mounting and neat installation)
  • Telephone and data cabling and networking
  • Partial or full rewiring of residential and commercial structures
  • Upgrading the switchboards and the electrical network of the home or business
  • Installing the whole electrical network (switchboards, power points, wires, light fittings, appliances and all fixtures)

We only use the best parts and tools to ensure the installation will perform reliably and last for a long time. Our residential and commercial electricians are always up to date with the latest standards and performance requirements.

Level 2 electrician Ultimo

We also handle complex technical assignments (Level 2 electrical work) including:

  • Handling of live and damaged wiring (whether it’s due to an accident, storm or other causes)
  • Meter install and configuration
  • Installation of overhead/underground services (including the power poles)
  • Connecting or disconnecting a property to the power network
  • Energising installations
  • Temporary power service (e.g. for construction, events)
  • Connecting new service lines
  • 24/7 electrical service (restore your systems back to normal)

Whether it’s for a single detached home, strata or a commercial complex, we have the expertise, tools and capability to provide an end-to-end electrical solution (from the power pole down to the last power point).

Contact us today here at Electrical Detectives if you require a professional and complete electrical service. We provide written quotes and guarantees (plus honest and upfront pricing) so that everything is clear before we start the job.


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