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A city in its own right, the Parramatta central business district is often considered to be second only to Sydney city’s own CBD. It is a major hub for Western Sydney including for transport, retail and commerce. Geographically, Parramatta is more or less central to Sydney’s greater metropolitan area sitting roughly equidistant from Penrith to the West, and Bondi to the East. It sits upon the major arterial roads that then spreads further west to the greater NSW area.

Prior to European colonisation, the area was home to the Dharug people. Carbon dating places Aboriginal settlement as around 30, 000 years ago. The Dharug people knew the area as Baramada or Burramatta, which has since been corrupted into ‘Parramatta’. The translation of the Aboriginal name for the area roughly translates as describing the ‘head of waters’, or ‘the place where the eels lay down’. Resultingly, in acknowledgement of this, the local rugby league team uses the eel as its mascot.

experienced local electricians in Parramatta NSW

Parramatta is a major business district in Sydney. As a result, many businesses here are flourishing and the place remains a vibrant community as well.

With many commercial buildings and businesses, these all need to have reliable and safe electrical connections. This way, they can continuously serve customers and ensure safety of their property and goods.

That’s where Electrical Detectives can help. Our local electricians perform electrical safety inspections. We thoroughly investigate all the electrical components and connections.

Electrical Safety Inspections

Why are safety inspections important? How does it help in ensuring safety and preventing hazards? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Ensure safe operation of electrical components in your commercial area
  • Identify outdated wiring and electrical connections (this is important in old buildings)
  • Correct fire and safety hazards
  • Meet legal requirements
  • Meet insurance inspections requirements

These are all important reasons for electrical safety inspections. The main goal is to ensure safety of the occupants and property (and the nearby establishments).

Businesses often require huge amounts of electricity for their operations. These businesses include retail stores, offices, restaurants, hospitals and school facilities.

During hot summer days, all the air conditioning units are likely switched on. In addition, computers and other commercial appliances are all running simultaneously. These can put a huge burden to your electrical connections.

If the whole system (or just some parts) is outdated, they pose huge risks. These can lead to fires or temporary shutdown of your business. This will cause a disruption to your operations.

That’s why many businesses now ask Electrical Detectives to perform the safety inspections. Our electrical technicians perform thorough inspections and identify all the safety hazards within a property.

Emergency Electrician Parramatta 24/7

Aside from preventing electrical hazards and problems, we also fix urgent electrical issues in commercial areas.

Emergencies do happen and they often occur at the most inconvenient or crucial times. That’s the case especially with many businesses in Parramatta (where there are peak hours). Sudden overloading or just unexpected electrical failures happen from time to time no matter how careful you are.

Thankfully, our emergency electricians are quick to help. We respond quickly and arrive on site as soon as we can. We then diagnose the problem and apply effective solutions.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the weekend or just an ordinary afternoon, we accept emergency appointments and take care of the problem efficiently.

With our years of experience, you’re sure that the job gets done real quick. We already know what to fix and how to do it in the most efficient way.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call us at 02 9709 4744 anytime and we’ll be happy to fix all your electrical problems.

Data Cabling and Wiring

Aside from general electrical works, our Parramatta electricians take care of cabling and wiring for telephone and networks as well.

We’re actually a one-stop shop for all the businesses’ electrical needs. Aside from electrical safety inspections and cabling, we also do:

  • Complete wiring and rewiring
  • New electrical installations and repairs
  • Switchboard and electrical network upgrade
  • Replacements of electrical fixtures such as lights, outlets and more
  • Exhaust fan installations
  • Routine maintenance of electrical connections and systems

Our experienced technicians handle all electrical jobs no matter how big or small. Our complete services ensure that customers don’t need to look anywhere else for their electrical needs.

We already have experience working on different businesses in a wide variety of industries. We are knowledgeable about the different electrical requirements in commercial areas.

That’s why even established and big businesses choose Electrical Detectives. Our experience and reputation through the years make us stand out among all our competitors.

Home Electrician in Parramatta

Aside from businesses, we also do electrical works for homes and apartments. Our local electricians usually work in:

  • New homes (new electrical installations and complete wiring)
  • Old homes (replacing outdated electrical components and upgrade of the system)
  • Home renovations (repairing damaged wiring and replacement with new electrical connections)

We do all things in homes related to electrical, just like what we’re doing with businesses. Our complete services will get you covered in all your electrical needs.

Whether it’s new home construction or a major renovation, we make sure that we do professional electrical installations. Our licensed electricians perform safety inspections on these as well.

For old homes and buildings, outdated outlets, wires and other electrical components pose huge risks. We perform thorough inspections and recommend any replacements or upgrades if needed.

Our domestic electricians can handle all that while providing affordable rates.

Competitive Prices, Professional Services

Yes, our prices are competitive and you get the best value for your money. Even if it’s an urgent electrical problem, we still provide fair pricing.

How can we still provide affordable rates? One key is our efficiency. We can get the job done fast. This means, we handle more assignments each day. As a result, we serve more businesses and residences.

That’s how we stay on top. It’s our main goal to provide the customers the best service while providing affordable rates.

Convenient Appointments and Emergency Call Outs

We will work around your schedule. We also prioritise your convenience. This way, there will be minimal disruptions to your daily activities.

We understand that you’re busy and you have more important things to give your time to. That’s why we can set up a convenient appointment for you. We can then arrive on the site during your convenient available schedule.

If it’s urgent, we accept emergency call outs as well. We provide prompt and timely services to perform any electrical jobs.

Contact us now and send an enquiry online. Our experienced, licensed electricians do electrical servicing, repair and installation at affordable rates.


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