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If you are looking for a Mount Druitt electrician, look no further because Electrical Detectives is here to help you.

We provide 24/7 complete residential and commercial electrical services including:

  • Routine maintenance and safety inspections
  • Electrical wiring and rewiring
  • Appliance installation (especially in kitchens and bathrooms)
  • Lighting installation
  • Data cabling, telephone, networking

We provide complete electrical services, because residents and businesses in Mount Druitt deserve the best. There will be no need to call one company and another for all your electrical needs.


Mount Druitt Local Electricians

At Mount Druitt, you can get almost everything you need without going too far. This suburb is already complete with transport, shopping centres, offices, clinics, schools, banks, residential areas and even leisure areas.

It’s a bit far from the city. But you don’t have to drive far to get what you need. It’s already complete. You can even find reliable electricians at your location.

All those establishments and locations mentioned require reliable electrical supply. The grid’s already reliable (and some tap into renewable energy sources). But the electrical network inside the establishments can be far from perfect.

That’s where Electrical Detectives can help. We ensure that each customer has a reliable electrical network. This way, there will be no hassles and residents can continuously enjoy the peaceful life in their homes.

Prevent electrical issues during the crucial times

Electrical issues often happen during the most important of times. It could be during a celebration. It could also be during the weekend when all the family members are together.

It could also be during the peak times of business operations. Maybe tourists and Australians suddenly flocked a restaurant. Or, the office employees are experiencing an unusual heat which makes them turn all the air conditioning units and put them in high settings.

Electrical issues can happen during surges and even during ordinary days. That’s why it’s best to perform safety inspections and routine maintenance regularly.

Our team does thorough safety inspections and maintenance for both homes and businesses. We help ensure you have functioning electrical network all day long.

How do we perform those inspections? We use quality tools and tap into our extensive experience to figure out any problems. We already have inspected electrical networks and wires for a wide variety of homes and commercial establishments.

Home and Commercial Electrician Mount Druitt

Our residential and commercial electrical services stand out because of our focus to our customers. Different homes and commercial areas encounter different electrical issues. We provide customised solutions according to the problem.

That’s why many homes and businesses (even established and popular companies) choose Electrical Detectives. We’ve gained an impressive reputation through the years. It’s the result of hard work and our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

For homes and businesses we have already solved various electrical problems such as:

  • Breaker failure
  • Exposed and inefficient wires
  • Dimming and flickering lights
  • Non-functional outlets
  • Weak electrical capacity of the whole network
  • Need for upgrades (electricity for bigger office, more appliances)
  • And more

Every day we solve those problems. We breathe and think about your electrical needs 24/7 (especially when you call us and tell us your electrical problem).

We are your all-in-one electrical resource. Tell us your electrical issue (even your suspicions) and we’ll work on it right away. Whatever it is (as long it’s about electrical), you can count on us anytime.

Fast and Affordable Services

As a result of our experience, we can guarantee a fast service. We already know the most efficient and most effective ways to solve an electrical problem.

We perform a quick (and yet thorough) inspection and then solve the issue right away. We always bring the tools to finish the job quickly.

This means:

  • Fewer hassles to you and your family
  • Less time on site
  • More time for your work and leisure (you don’t have to think about us while we work)

Aside from those, you also take advantage of our affordable rates. Yes, our professional services are priced reasonably.

Many of our customers are surprised once they know of our rates. Here’s what’s happening. They call us or enquire online. They describe their problem. And then we provide upfront pricing.

It’s unexpected. Our rates are lower than our competitors (given our reputation, experience and the emergency nature of the job). That’s one reason many homes, apartments and businesses choose Electrical Detectives.

Appliance and Lighting Installation Mount Druitt

Remember earlier that we mentioned we do anything electrical. That includes appliance and lighting installation.

Many customers allow us to install their appliances and lighting fixtures due to following reasons:

  • Customers are busy (families and parents)
  • They need a fast service (we aim for speed and efficiency)
  • They want to ensure safety (avoid overloading and ensure correct electrical connections)
  • They want quality installation services (professionals can handle this)

Our expertise also covers the proper installation of appliances and lighting fixtures. These are also vital parts of the whole electrical system. Each part and aspect should all be working perfectly to ensure safety and efficiency.

As with the place Mount Druitt, completeness is one of our goals. You don’t have to go far or search further when it comes to your electrical needs. We are here and we’re ready to serve you 24/7.

Need Professional Electrician in Mount Druitt?

Whether it’s a small or big electrical job, call us and our experienced team will take care of it right away. We respond fast and we arrive on site before you know it.

Also, we provide affordable rates and upfront pricing. You get the best value while we gain the opportunity to serve one more home or business. It’s our goal through the years and that’s one reason many customers choose us.

Call us now at 02 9709 4744.


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