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Liverpool is among the oldest urban settlements in Australia (goes way back during the 1800s). It’s rich in history and yet full of residences and establishments.

It became a major interchange and agricultural area within 40 years but remained a satellite town to Sydney until a hundred years later in the 1950s. Today, it is the major retail and administrative centre for South Western Sydney. As well as the CBD, it is a local Government area that encompasses 305.5 square kilometres.

Liverpool has a high level of ethnic diversity with the 2016 census reporting that 22% of residents spoke only English at home.

Liverpool is home to many residential apartments, shopping centres, office establishments and other commercial buildings. In all these establishments, having a reliable electrical system 24/7 is crucial.

Also, occasional electrical issues need to be addressed immediately. That’s where Electrical Detectives can help.

Our team of qualified technicians have extensive experience and knowledge about all electrical problems. No matter how big or small the job is, our team has successfully solved them all for a lot of other residents and businesses.

Experienced local electricians in Liverpool NSW

Emergency Electrician in Liverpool for Homes and Businesses

Our emergency electricians are all deeply knowledgeable about any electrical issue. They have extensive experience doing the following for homes and businesses:

  • Electrical rewiring and new installation
  • Lighting installation
  • Exhaust fan installation
  • Installation of kitchen and bathroom appliances
  • Wiring, cabling, networking for offices
  • Safety inspections to prevent potential problems

Because of their experience, our qualified electricians can quickly respond to emergencies. They can work efficiently even under pressure. Their experience has taught them what’s the best course of action for each job.

Even if it’s as simple as lighting installation, they work efficiently. Even in electrical rewiring and complete cabling, they’re able to deliver quick results while also ensuring affordable pricing for their services.

Professional Electrician in Liverpool, Affordable Rates

How can Electrical Detectives provide affordable rates? Is there a catch?

None at all. Our aim is to provide the best value for both residences and commercial establishments.

We’re also here for the long term. We want customers who will rely on us for many decades to come for all their electrical needs.

Also, we understand that emergency services should also be at reasonable rates. Many other companies take advantage of the urgent nature of an electrical problem. Customers are then forced to accept the terms just to solve the issue really quick.

Thankfully, Electrical Detectives is here to the rescue. We provide unbelievably low rates (beating all the competitors out there). We provide the best service while ensuring reasonable pricing. We’re here for the long term and how we can best serve our Liverpool customers.

Our Services, Your One-Stop Shop

Our wide range of services allow us to be the one-stop shop for all the homes’ and businesses’ electrical needs.

  • Got a flickering and dimming light? We can fix that. We can check the root of the problem and do troubleshooting right away. We can even install new lights for you.
  • Do you suspect electrical overloading? Our qualified electricians can confirm your suspicions. We can perform safety inspections and do rewiring if needed.
  • You need help with installing your new kitchen and bathroom appliances? We can also do that. We do proper installations and inspections to prevent overloading.
  • Exhaust fan installation? Cabling? Telephone and data networking? We do all that. We use quality parts and professional tools to perform each job for homes and businesses.

Think electrical and Electrical Detectives will always have an answer for that.

Proper Installation of Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances

Why do we help families and businesses with installation of appliances? Isn’t this something that they can do themselves?

Yes, they can do it themselves. However, it can lead to electrical overloading and safety hazards. How?

Many appliances now require huge amounts of electricity to keep them running at their best conditions. Those amounts can put a burden to your whole electrical network.

As a result, the overload can make the wires and breakers trip. In addition, your appliances won’t be running efficiently. This can also lead to the damage of your new appliances.

That’s why many homeowners now and businesses seek help when it comes to appliance installations. This way, they prevent costly problems later on. They’re also sure that their electrical network and appliances are all in top condition.

Cabling, Wiring and Networking

For many homes, apartments, offices, shopping centres and other commercial establishments in Liverpool, we have also performed cabling, wiring and networking.

It’s about efficiency and proper installation. These cable and networking connections should be efficient and neat so they can be better managed and for better efficiency.

Safety Inspections and Routine Maintenance

Electrical systems need to be working 24/7. That’s the case especially when you need them the most.

For businesses, this could be when customers flock all together. For example, in a coffee shop or restaurant, all the air conditioners will be turned on (and at high settings). This could put a burden to your electrical network.

Overloading might make the electrical system fail. This causes an embarrassing situation for your customers. This could also put hassles to you and your staff.

What should you do then? It’s good to perform safety inspections and routine maintenance regularly. This way, you ensure your electrical system is at its top condition.

It’s good to perform those safety inspections and maintenance on a regular basis. Or, you can also do it when the peak season comes.

Our Liverpool electricians can perform those thorough inspections. This way, you will have no worries even if all the appliances in your business are running simultaneously. We will also perform replacements and repairs if needed.

Upfront pricing, easy payment options

You get an honest quote and pricing when you call us. There are no hidden fees. We’re reasonable people. We serve you and we get paid in return. That’s it.

Our upfront pricing is also one of the reasons many customers choose us. There are no surprises. Electrical issues are surprising themselves. You don’t want any more surprises, do you?

We also offer easy payment options. We accept payment through different means including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Contact us today and you’ll receive excellent service starting from enquiry up to the finish of each job. At affordable rates, our reliable and experienced team will take care of the electrical repairs and installations.


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