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“A noise like thunder” is where the suburb’s name came from. However, we always associate the name Bundeena with the peace and quiet because of the bush land setting and natural ecosystems. Many people prefer it this way although as with most Sydney suburbs, Bundeena is also threatened by disruptive economic activities. It will happen soon but the council and residents are committed to protecting Bundeena or making sure that developments are being done responsibly.

Well, what makes Bundeena unique is the Bundeena Heritage Walk as well as the Jibbon Head. They bring people closer to nature and show us a glimpse of early human history. It’s fascinating that we feel peaceful if we try to relive the old ways. Perhaps our brains and bodies have not yet caught up with modernisation. We still crave the natural and the slow pace of living.

Electrician Bundeena 24/7

However, modern living (no matter where we are in Sydney) is almost impossible without the convenience being brought by the lights and electricity. If anything goes wrong, even the slow pace of living will be interrupted.

You can call us anytime here at Electrical Detectives. We can send an electrician right away during electrical emergencies. This way we get rid of the inconvenience and the potential hazards as well. Our residential and commercial electricians do the following:

  • Electrical safety inspections and maintenance
  • Emergency electrical repairs (wires, fittings, power points, switchboards and more)
  • Partial and full house rewiring
  • Upgrade of switchboards and the entire home or building electrical system
  • Installing plasma/LED TV (secure mounting and neat installation)
  • Telephone and data cabling and networking
  • Installation of additional outlets, wires and other electrical fixtures for home additions and renovations
  • Installation of ceiling fans, exhaust fans and kitchen and bathroom appliances (including additional outlets and wires if necessary)
  • Installation of light fittings and indoor and outdoor lighting

It’s far from being a complete list because we do everything electrical. From power point to power network, we have the necessary technical expertise and qualifications to do it all.

Level 2 electrician Bundeena

Our professional electrical services also cover the following:

  • Handling of live and damaged wiring
  • Installing and configuring meters
  • Installing overhead/underground services (including the power poles)
  • Connecting or disconnecting a property to/from the power network
  • Energising overhead and underground installations
  • Installing a temporary power service (e.g. for construction sites or special events)
  • Connecting new service lines
  • 24/7 electrical service (restore your systems back to normal especially after storms and accidents)

This is a one-stop shop which is why individual clients and contractors prefer working with us. In addition, we take a reasonable approach in doing business where fairness and effectiveness are our priorities.

Contact us here at Electrical Detectives if you prefer working with a professional team. We can thoroughly discuss your electrical emergency or installation project and then we’ll provide you with a detailed written quote and guarantee.


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