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There’s just one adjacent suburb and almost anywhere you look you’ll see water. As an awesome waterfront suburb, this is really a good thing because the views of the water just make us feel safe. After all, it’s one way to reunite with nature, step away from the concrete and breath lots of fresh air because there’s less competition for oxygen here.

Just a quick view of the Parramatta River (with Cockatoo Island as the foreground) will make us forget what it’s like to have a busy life. This single act allows us to step back from the daily minutiae and think of the long term and the grand scheme of things. And if the home or business has that enviable harbour frontage, it gets easier to think what’s beyond here and now.

Electrician Birchgrove 24/7

However, even homes and places of business in Birchgrove are not exempted from electrical malfunctions. Whether it’s faulty wiring, outdated connections, burnt outlets and tripping switchboards and circuit breakers, these things should be fixed right away.

Here at Electrical Detectives, our residential and commercial electricians do the following:

  • Repairing and installing switchboards, wires, power points and light fittings
  • Repairing damaged electrical components (whether because of an accident, extreme weather or natural deterioration)
  • Inspecting all electrical components for electrical safety and performance (e.g. preventing failures, overloads and fire hazards especially in commercial premises)
  • Installing indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, exhaust fans and kitchen and bathroom appliances
  • Installing plasma/LED TV (secure mounting and neat installation)
  • Telephone and data cabling and networking
  • Partial or full rewiring of residential and commercial structures
  • Upgrading the switchboards and the electrical network of the home or business
  • Installing the whole electrical network (switchboards, power points, wires, light fittings, appliances and all fixtures)

Whether it’s an emergency electrical repair or a scheduled major electrical installation, we always arrive promptly on site and complete the job on time and on budget.

Level 2 electrician Birchgrove

It’s also our approach when handling complex Level 2 electrical work including the following:

  • Handling of live and damaged wiring (whether it’s due to an accident, storm or other causes)
  • Meter install and configuration
  • Installation of overhead/underground services (including the power poles)
  • Connecting or disconnecting a property to the power network
  • Energising installations
  • Temporary power service (e.g. for construction, events)
  • Connecting new service lines
  • 24/7 electrical service (restore your systems back to normal)

We ensure the longevity of each installation because we only use the best parts and tools. In case the systems fail, we always have your back because we’re always available 24/7.

Contact us here today at Electrical Detectives if you require dealing with a reliable and professional team. Let’s discuss your requirements whether it’s a single outlet replacement or a full electrical installation.


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