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An additional 200,000 people will move into Sydney’s North West over the coming decades due to the completion of the Sydney Metro Northwest (better and faster transport which will attract more residents and commercial opportunities). The projected population will then be twice the size of Canberra (you can imagine the potential there).

The progress will spread out and Beaumont Hills is just in the right place for that. Although the closest stations are in Kellyville and Rouse Hill, the progress and the money are expected to spill all over Sydney’s North West. Expect the Beaumont Hills Shopping Centre to thrive even more and the Hillsbus services (including Routes 617X, 610, T64 and 601) to become busier because of the rising population and commercial activity.

Emergency Electrician in Liverpool for Homes and Businesses

Electrician Beaumont Hills 24/7

But to support that level of residential and commercial activity, it’s important to minimise the interruptions so that you won’t lose momentum. It’s not just about ensuring convenience at home. This is also about enabling you to focus on moving ahead and taking advantage of the opportunities Beaumont Hills and the surrounds have to offer.

Crucial to that is a reliable electrical system in your home or workplace. Here at Electrical Detectives we help ensure the reliability and performance of systems, wires and electrical fixtures. In case of emergency repairs, we complete them promptly to minimise inconvenience to customers.

Our residential and commercial electricians do the following:

  • Repairing and installing switchboards, wires, power points and light fittings
  • Repairing damaged electrical components (whether because of an accident, extreme weather or natural deterioration)
  • Inspecting all electrical components for electrical safety and performance (e.g. preventing failures, overloads and fire hazards especially in commercial premises)
  • Installing indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, exhaust fans and kitchen and bathroom appliances
  • Installing plasma/LED TV (secure mounting and neat installation)
  • Telephone and data cabling and networking
  • Partial or full rewiring of residential and commercial structures
  • Upgrading the switchboards and the electrical network of the home or business
  • Installing the whole electrical network (switchboards, power points, wires, light fittings, appliances and all fixtures)

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Through the years we’ve also worked with contractors and companies in completing complex electrical work including the following:

  • Handling of live and damaged wiring (whether it’s due to an accident, storm or other causes)
  • Meter install and configuration
  • Installation of overhead/underground services (including the power poles)
  • Connecting or disconnecting a property to the power network
  • Energising installations
  • Temporary power service (e.g. for construction, events)
  • Connecting new service lines
  • 24/7 electrical service (restore your systems back to normal)

Residential, commercial and industrial clients choose us because of our neat and professional approach including how we communicate and how we complete each job.

Contact us here today at Electrical Detectives if you require a professional electrical service. We thoroughly study the requirements, budget and timeline before we start the actual work.


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