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With the Darling Harbour and Sydney CBD nearby, Barangaroo has always been positioned for success and development. Its recent and ongoing redevelopment is just one proof of that. By 2024 (especially when the new Metro Station is complete), we will see half of the suburb as having extensive parklands, plazas and coves.

By that time also Barangaroo is expected to accommodate more than 23,000 workers and residents. Thousands of visitors will flock each day and surely these projections opens up several and huge opportunities for those who have the initiative.

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Right now here at Electrical Detectives we are witnessing Barangaroo’s urban renewal. And crucial to that progress is that the electrical systems should be performing reliably. After all it’s impossible to sustain progress and maintain productivity each day if the electrical fixtures are malfunctioning or failing.

Our qualified and insured electricians only use the best tools and parts to ensure the quality, reliability and longevity of each installation. Whether it’s a single power point installation or connecting a property to the power network, we have the skills and capability to make it all happen.

Our professional electrical services include:

  • Repair and installation of switchboards, circuit breakers, power points and other electrical components
  • Full or partial rewiring of a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or the entire home
  • Switchboard upgrade
  • Installation of additional power points, wiring and light fittings
  • Lighting installation (including indoor, outdoor, essential and decorative lighting)
  • Safe and proper installation of heavy-duty kitchen and bathroom appliances according to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Plasma/LCD TV setup (secure mounting and neat installation for optimal viewing experience)
  • Exhaust fan and ceiling fan installation (with neat placement of wires and necessary electrical fixtures)
  • Telephone and data cabling and networking
  • Electrical safety inspections including routine maintenance

Our comprehensive and end-to-end electrical services make us a one-stop shop in everything electrical. Our residential and commercial electrical expertise has become known in CBD and surrounds.

Level 2 electrician Barangaroo

We’re also qualified and authorised to perform the following work:

  • Connecting, disconnecting and reconnecting residential and commercial premises to the power network
  • Connecting new service lines
  • Managing the installation of overhead service lines
  • Installing and configuring the meter
  • Providing temporary power solutions for construction sites and special events
  • Repairing and insulating damaged power cables (damages might be due to storms, UV rays or physical degradation)
  • Repairing, upgrading or installing power poles including the pillars and brackets

These kinds of jobs require technical expertise because of the complex nature of the project and the evolving requirements. Here at Electrical Detectives we always stay up to date when it comes to the latest standards.

Contact us here today whether it’s a small or a major electrical project. Our prompt, efficient and client-centred approach has made us the top choice in electrical services.


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