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Bankstown is a major art and culture hub for lower central western Sydney. The area is recognised as being one of the most multicultural areas in Australia, with at least 60 languages prevalent in the area. Resultingly, the 2016 census recorded that nearly two thirds of residents were born internationally.

With a humid subtropical climate, many residents rely on their appliances to have a cool feeling. This is the case especially during hot summers. Temperatures can even reach higher than 35 degrees Celsius.

That’s why most residents switch on all the appliances that can help them feel fresh and cool. Refrigerators and air conditioners are often in high settings. As a result, this puts a lot of burden to your electrical connections.

That burden can lead to the failure of your electrical network. This happens especially if the connections and wiring are all substandard. You need to make sure that your whole electrical network functions perfectly. This way, you and your family will stay cool even during the hottest summer days.

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House Electrician in Bankstown

That’s why at Electrical Detectives, we ensure the reliability of all house electrical connections. We perform thorough safety inspections in all electrical components both indoor and outdoor.

Maybe you have new air conditioning units at home. Or you have new appliances installed. Can your home accommodate the added electrical burden? If not, it will lead to electrical failure and even possible fire and safety hazards.

Don’t let that happen. Allow our experienced electricians to prevent the problems. Because here at Electrical Detectives, we prioritise the safety of families.

We offer our wide range of house electrical services at affordable rates. Families can get the best value out of their money while ensuring the reliability of their whole electrical network.

Whether it’s a big or small electrical job, we take care of them all. Small electrical issues often lead to bigger problems so it’s best to solve them as soon as you can. You can contact us now and we’ll fix those problems right away.

New Electrical Installations & Repairs

Aside from safety inspections and repairs, we perform new electrical installations as well. For new houses and apartment buildings, we install complete wiring and all the electrical components.

It’s important to get the job done right the first time. It’s your home and you deserve the best service. Also, it’s the way to ensure safety for you and your family.

For new homes and apartment buildings, we also do the following:

  • Install switchboards and outlets to new residences
  • Install complete wiring
  • Replace the existing wiring with new ones
  • Upgrade the switchboards and the whole electrical network
  • Repair damaged electrical components after major renovations
  • Install additional outlets and ensure enough capacity for new appliances
  • Set up lighting fixtures (both indoor and outdoor)

Electrical Detectives provide complete services for residential areas in Bankstown. Our qualified technicians are fast and efficient. They take care of the problems real fast so individuals and families can go back to their lives again.

Exhaust Fan Installation

We provide a wide range of services. Anything that relates to electrical, we do it. We even install exhaust fans for homes and apartments.

These exhaust fans keep the air circulating. This helps improve the quality of air indoors. In addition, this discourages the growth of moulds and other microorganisms.

The air suddenly feels fresher if there are exhaust fans installed. This results to a huge positive impact especially if used every day.

That’s why Electrical Detectives also set up exhaust fans. It’s a relatively small electrical job. But we still do it fast. Our efficient and highly trained technicians can properly install the fans for your added comfort and your family’s.

Emergency Electricians 24/7

Our 24-hour electricians are available 7 days a week. Our service department is always staffed to respond to all enquiries and fix all emergency electrical problems.

No matter the size of the job, small repairs or major situations, Electrical Detectives are quick to respond to any call.

Does your home experience any of these problems?

  • Exposed outlet wiring
  • Burned out lighting (or flickering lights)
  • Circuit breaker failure

If your answer is yes, then definitely you need emergency electrical services.

These are considered emergencies because they can lead to fire hazards and accidental electrocutions. Even in a simple exposed outlet wiring, there are possible accidents (maybe a child would touch it).

It’s best to fix this type of situation right away. This is about safety.

Also, flickering lights and circuit breaker failures also pose huge threats. Maybe the wiring or the whole electrical connection is faulty. These are also considered safety hazards. They can also lead to the complete failure of the whole electrical network.

The 24/7 emergency electricians of Electrical Detectives will arrive on the site promptly if you call us. We diagnose and fix the problem right away. Our safety-oriented technicians are sure to fix any small or major electrical issue.

Commercial Electrician in Bankstown

Aside from homes and apartments, we also service businesses for their electrical needs.

There are a lot of cafes, eateries and restaurants in Bankstown that heavily rely on electricity to effectively serve their customers. It’s best to ensure that the electrical connections and components are all working perfectly especially during hours of business operation.

That’s why our commercial electricians are ready to help anytime. We perform safety inspections, upgrades and repairs on existing electrical connections. We perform routine maintenance as well to ensure your electrical network is at its top condition.

Aside from safety inspections and routine maintenance, we also do the following for businesses:

  • New installations of outlets and other electrical components
  • Rewiring to comply with safety requirements
  • Emergency electrical repairs
  • Cabling and wiring for telephone and networking (for offices and other commercial areas)

We’re also a one-stop shop for the businesses’ electrical needs. Whether it’s installation, repair or upgrade, we do it all.

On Time, Affordable Services

We prioritise providing on time and affordable electrical services to all residents and businesses in Bankstown.

You can enquire online and we’ll respond within minutes. Our experienced electricians will then be on their way to the site if it’s urgent. Or, we can set up a convenient appointment according to your preferred schedule.



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