Energy Saving Tips and Tricks from a Sydney Electrician

by superadmin on December 29, 2016 in Blog

If those energy bills are starting to creep up, there are a few things the average homeowner can do to save some money. They can go off-grid, they can try to find better deals with any other provider, but the best answer is closer to home. After speaking with a highly-qualified Sydney electrician, here are just a few of the tips he offers as a way to save money with your energy bills.

Temperature Settings

One of the biggest draws of power is the air conditioner or the heating system. When summer beats down, the AC runs continuously while the cool winters have many people cranking their heaters to ‘high’. These extreme temperature shifts are havoc on your energy usage and they can account for up 35% of your bill each month. Try a moderate temperature on the heating and cooling and take some other measures to heat up or cool down. It’s possible to crack a window at night during the summer or put on an extra layer during the winter. These small acts can have great effects.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Another big waste of money, says the Sydney energy expert, are the old and out-dated appliances many have in their homes. They aren’t built with energy efficiency in mind. They draw enormous amounts of power when used, and even newer models, if left un-serviced, can break down and suck more money each month. If possible, consider hiring a domestic electrician in Sydney to consult on the efficiency of the appliances. Some appliances might be better to be replaced as well. The cost of the appliance could outweigh the cost of the energy wasted with the old appliance.

Alternative Energy Sources

As another way to avoid excessive costs, there are alternative energy sources such as solar panels. The cost is justifiable when the savings start rolling in each month.

If you need to save some money on your energy bills, contact Sydney’s best home electricians. They can repair your old electrical goods or install new ones. Contact them today for friendly, efficient service, right on your door.

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