Electrician on Call Sydney: Where to Get a Quick Response

by superadmin on July 19, 2017 in Blog

Need an electrician on call? Perhaps it’s an emergency. Or maybe it’s just a simple inspection that you need to get done after business hours. Whichever is the case, you need a responsive electrician who will arrive promptly on site.

For this, you can call us at Electrical Detectives (02 9709 4744). This is important especially whether it’s an emergency or a serious electrical issue. Here are the common scenarios when Sydney families and business owners call us:

1. Circuit breakers and fuses often malfunction

This can be a result of overloading (your system can’t handle the electrical load). It can also be a result of faulty wiring. In either of these cases, there might be a need to replace the breaker (and/or the wiring). This needs urgent attention because it puts people and your property at risk.

2. Lights flicker when you turn on certain appliances

When you turn on a heavy appliance (e.g. refrigerator, air conditioner, flat iron), there’s a sudden demand for electricity. If your system can’t handle the load, you will see the sign as lights flickering (electricity is being drawn away heavily).

3. Exposed wires and outlets

This is dangerous. That’s why many Sydney families and business owners immediately call an emergency electrician. The DIY approach won’t suffice on this one. Experts should handle the job.

4. Complete power failure

It might be a result of the breaker’s complete failure. The circuit breaker and the fuses are there to actually protect you and your property. For this, it needs a repair or complete replacement. Be sure to check if the neighbourhood or surrounding offices have no electricity before calling electricians.

5. Outdated electrical systems and connections

Perhaps you’re moving into a new home or apartment. Or your business is going to a more strategic location. You need then to check if it’s safe to move there.

Old establishments might have an outdated wiring and electrical system. They might not be able to handle the electrical demands of your household or business.

6. Lighting replacement

Yes. Replacement of lights can also pose safety risks (electrocution or falling off). It’s still a form of electrical connection. It’s best to be safe even if you’re just trying to replace a broken bulb.

Electrician on call Sydney

Here at Electrical Detectives, we can do replacements of circuit breakers and lighting. We handle both small and complex electrical jobs for Sydney homes and commercial facilities.

Call us today at 02 9709 4744 if you need a fast and professional electrical service.

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