Same Day Electrician Sydney: Got an Electrical Problem?

by superadmin on June 4, 2017 in Blog

Need a same day electrician? Perhaps there’s faulty electrical wiring or you suspect an electrical issue. Whichever is the case, you need to address the problem immediately.

But first, how do you know if it’s really an electrical issue? When should you call an emergency electrician? Let’s discuss the answers below:

1. Circuit breaker is behaving unusually

You might be hearing buzzing or hissing in the breaker. Perhaps you smell burning or you see burnt areas. In all of these cases, it’s likely that there’s a problem with your circuit breaker.

Circuit breakers are designed to protect you and your home from power surges. The breakers will stop the current flow when there’s a short circuit or overload.

A malfunctioning circuit breaker can put you and your home at risk. That’s why it’s recommended to call an electrician immediately to perform repairs or replacements.

2. Defective outlets (exposed outlets, sparks, etc.)

Do you notice sparks whenever you’re plugging in an appliance? Do you notice some burnt marks around the switches? These could be signs of defective outlets or faulty wiring.

For every electrical connection or outlet, there’s only a limited capacity. If you give them too much beyond what they can handle, expect problems to occur anytime.

Also, as much as possible, avoid using extension cords. Each electrical appliance should have a dedicated outlet. Extension cords might get defective due to curling and twisting (which results to unsteady electrical flow). Outlets and wiring hidden beneath the wall are more stable and secure.

Professional electricians can install dedicated outlets and electrical wiring for your appliances. They can also perform safety inspections to prevent risks and hazards.

3. Flickering lights

Do the lights flicker or suddenly dim whenever you’re switching an appliance or turning on the air conditioner? This problem actually goes beyond the lighting itself.

Maybe the lighting and the electrical connections are not properly installed. It could also be that the electrical connection is handling too much. Whenever you’re turning on an appliance, there could be a power surge (surge in inflow or outflow). This results to the flickering or dimming of the lights.

Qualified electricians can perform thorough testing and upgrades to stop the issue. They can also install the lighting, appliances and the required electrical connections. This way, you protect yourself and your home from risks and damages.

Same day electrician Sydney

All of the problems mentioned above seem minor. However, they could cause electrical shocks and fires. These problems could also lead to the failure of your electrical appliances.

To prevent all these problems, call an electrician right away. Here at Electrical Detectives, our emergency electricians fix all electrical problems on time.

Call us today at 02 9709 4744 for assistance.

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