When to Call a Lighting Professional for Home Repairs

by superadmin on November 24, 2016 in Blog

Lighting options for the home have changed dramatically over the years; gone are the days of simple lamps and one type of bulb from which to choose. Homeowners now have many options for home lighting, from recessed lighting to pendant lights, not to mention outside security lights and spotlights. Each type of lighting has its own unique requirement when it comes to repair and replacement, and the fixes are not always as easy as a do-it-yourself job.

Lights Begin to Dim

When a homeowner notices several lights begin to dim at the same time, it may be more than just a bulb replacement issue. The issue could be related to wiring or a circuit overload in the home, which is an indication that it’s time to make contact with an expert. A qualified lighting professional in Sydney can assess the problem and provide practical solutions, as well as perform a thorough check of the electrical system to see where the problem may lie.

Flickering Lights

Homeowners would be wise to pay attention to the symptoms of an electrical issue before it becomes a dangerous situation. If a light begins to flicker, it could simply be the result of a loose bulb that needs to be tightened. However, if tightening or changing a bulb does not solve the issue, there could be connection issues in the home or with the light fixture itself. Homeowners may feel that they can handle the issue themselves, but there are many hazards associated with the repair of lighting. In order to avoid injury or further damage, contacting a professional in Sydney is the best option.

Switches Operate Improperly

A switch in a home’s lighting system should work immediately to turn off and on a lamp, overhead light fixture, or recessed lighting. Again, if there is no issue with the light bulb, the problem should be addressed with a lighting professional. Sydney has trusted experts who will take an analysis of the issue and recommend the best course of action.

Trust a Lighting Professional

No one wants to be injured during a home repair or risk damage to an electrical system. Trusting the experts for a home’s lighting system is easy when Electrical Detectives are on the job. Professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to a variety of electrical emergencies. The friendly and experienced team is specially trained to respond and provide the best solutions for both commercial and residential customers.


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