Building a New Home? What to Expect from a Sydney Domestic Electrician

by superadmin on January 12, 2016 in Blog

Building a new home can be an exciting time for anybody. It’s especially exciting if the homeowner is building their own home. The excitement can be overcome by the sheer volume of tasks needed to manage when building the home. There are materials to order, plans to draw up, and trades to organise. It’s important that the builder find an electrician they can trust for their home.

Here’s what any first-time builder should look for in their domestic electrician.

Timeliness and Punctuality

Keeping an appointment or a booking is essential when building a home. There are several other trades that require access to the home and one late electrician can set the schedule back by a few days or weeks. A good domestic electrician understands the value of being on time and keeping to their schedule. Open communication is also key and most decent domestic electricians try to communicate early and often with their builders.

Quality Assurance

Expect that the work will be done to their regulations and standards, because that’s what will get the home approved for final hand-over. If a domestic electrician is thorough and complete, supply good quality work, they will supply the owner with a written guarantee of their products and their labour. It’s a written proof of their craftsmanship that proves the quality of the electrical services.

Price Honesty

More than anything, a domestic electrician will supply the price upfront for the entire project. The electrician will provide a quote based on the project size, and that quote is their written word of the final price. There should be no surprises, no added fees, no tacked on costs to the amount. A good domestic electrician will offer a written estimate not as a guide, but a solid promise of their price.

If you need a top quality electrician for your new home or building project, call the experts at Electrical Detectives. There is no room for less than the best in this business. Contact us today.

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